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1000 Impressions And No Clicks: How To Rectify!

How do you rectify when you have 1000 impressions and no clicks?

First of all, the problem lays in the click through rate (CTR) of the ad. That is to say – your ad copy 2 lines.

If your ad copy is not compelling for someone to click and find out more, then the ad copy is a failure. Simple as that.

How do you test your ad copy if they actually work?

I have heard of someone going to a bar to test if the ad copy works. He wrote a couple of ad copy (one page length), read to the people in the bar. Just to inform you, this guy promised to treat to those who listen to all his ad copy will get a free beer after that, they have to tell him what to change and what is good. All of these are not winners till someone in the bar ask  him where this product can be purchase. Then the ad is the winner.

I am not asking you to do the above, but maybe in a better environment like in a cafe or something.

Now the thing is that having 1,000 impressions and no clicks, can be due to 3 reasons:

Reason 1: Your PPC ad is not compelling enough, and do not attract click through.You will need to test your ad by spit testing your PPC ads constantly. In this way, you will be able to change the ad and become a compelling PPC ad.

Reason 2: The Ad position is not even in the first page of the search result. You have to find out what is your what is the best ad position for your PPC ad. Not every niche or everyone is suitable to be in the first 3 ad position in the first page.

Reason 3: Using the wrong keywords. I think this is the worst of the 3, as it just targets the wrong crowd, meaning not making money or profit. This will also incur unwanted clicks, making your cost high.

I do not think 1,000 impressions will not attract any clicks. This can only mean that this 1,000 impressions are all from content networks. This will usually not happen in search networks.

Then in this case your Ad copy has to “Scream” at the content networks traffic, in order to get clicks. I will touch more on content networks soon. If you have any questions, do use the comment below and I will reply you.

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