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February 2010

Choose Your Currency For Adwords Account Wisely

Ask yourself these questions before you decide which currency to use for your Adwords account.

1) Is the products or services you are targeting only for a specific area or location only, and no other place?

2) Are there going to be other related products or services for that area or location only?

3) Is this going to be a international product or services?

4) How many countries are we talking about? [click to continue…]

Is PPC Profitable In 2010?

I came across a search query recently, asking “Is PPC Profitable in 2010?” What would you think? For my opinion I still think PPC  will be profitable, actually more profitable than in 2009 or any other years before. As our technologies grow day by day, we are highly dependent on speed and results.

The Profitable Tree

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And this is where PPC is able to provide these 2 factors so efficiently to us. BUT, PPC is a double edged sword where if you know what you are doing, you can get great results from PPC, if you do not know what you are doing and expecting the PPC service provider like Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing, to help you in setting up the PPC campaign, you can be sure that you will pay a lot for your PPC ads and they will treat you like a VIP customers, making you less profitable than you should be too. [click to continue…]

Can GEO Targeting Influence Quality Score?

GEO targeting can used to influence quality score, as you are actually funneling the traffic to a specific location or area. This is a very great way to target your traffic, as it will increase your CTR thus improving your quality score.

GEO Targeting

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Here is how you can use GEO targeting to influence quality score:

1) Set your GEO targeting to where you are promoting your product or services. In a country or state of the country. [click to continue…]

Be Careful, Google Might Ban Your Adwords Account

This is a very short post.

Recently, there has been a lot of Adwords users been banned. There are talks in the internet marketing forums, and even on blogs like PPC Blog, read here for more info.

Most of those who were banned are mostly affiliates promoting someone’s product. Most of them do not have products of their own, and not that the Google Adwords are enforcing such strict rules in promoting affiliate products.

Although it happen last year, but I think it will continue to happen if users do not abide in Google Adwords rule.

How to prevent yourself from being ban by Google? [click to continue…]