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February 2010

GEO Targeting Demystify

GEO Targeting also known as location targeting, is a way to target people in a specific location using Adwords PPC. This has since help a lot of Adwords users eased in getting targeted traffic, especially if they are offline business owners. It has made a huge difference in the Adwords users now.

What can GEO Targeting do for you?

GEO Targeting has two distinct advantages;

1) To show your PPC ads in certain location

2) To find out which location or counties or cities are looking for the products or services you are providing. [click to continue…]

Optimum PPC Ad Position

Ad position in PPC is very important, too high you over pay, too low few traffic coming to your website. This is where you need to find out the optimum PPC ad position for your PPC campaigns in your own niche.

Before we get started, I have a picture below showing a search results heat when someone searches online and where their eyes will land at. As you can see that it has the shape of triangle, where the top has the most heat and thus getting the most attention (traffic). Although this picture is used for SEO ranking purposes, it is works the same for PPC too, because PPC ads can be shown above the organic search result, depending on the Google and the number of PPC ads targeting the same keywords as you. [click to continue…]

Build Your Adwords Account Consciously

Previously, I shared on Intro to Google Quality Score, today I like to share why that will determine your relationship with Google can be establish firmly, by following Google Adwords Guideline.  You need not memorized the whole guideline, but need to remember the main idea why Google has to set this, so we can build a win win relationship with Google and Google users.

First an Intro to the Adwords account layout. [click to continue…]

Intro To Adwords Keyword Match Type

Adwords has four Keyword Match type to all its users since its launched in 2000. The bad news is that you may not know what this keyword match type can do for you, the good news is that a lot of people still do not understand what keyword match type can help them in?

For me, I find that its a good thing that a lot of people still do not know what the keyword match typ e is, so I will have less competitor to compete with. But I still acknowledge that with competitors will then prove my skills is up to mark or I am just kidding myself and you. So I welcome competitors to come share the big pie, and may the best man win! [click to continue…]

Google Adwords Quality Score Demystify

Quality Score, one of the most important factors in your Adwords PPC. Google Adwords is the only one currently applying Quality Score system to its users. With a deep knowledge of quality score, you are on the way to making successful PPC in Adwords. That is like winning 70% of the battle already.

Quality score is based on three factors in you Adwords PPC: [click to continue…]