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February 2010

Do Not Put Too much Trust In Google Adwords Tools

There are reasons why I wrote that as the title. As I have been seriously wanting to improve in my PPC skills (especially in Adwords), the more I find that the tools in Adwords are not telling us the whole story. So I ponder about it and decide to write this post to share with you.

I have been using Adwords for like 3 years now, initially I was not really serious about it and did not make any money, but thank God I did break even. Now as I get to find more and more stuffs about Adwords PPC, the more that I feel that Adwords are not telling me a lot of things. It felt like along in the dark, not able to find the way out. [click to continue…]

Compelling Ads That Make You Want To Clicks

Have you ever seen a PPC ad that is so compelling or caught your attention, that you want to click and find out more? I did, and its the same for newspaper advertising, and all kinds of advertising. The words in the ad must have interest you or seducing you to want to know more.

This is the essence of PPC ads, to make people take action by clicking on the ad and move to see your landing page (where you sell them). [click to continue…]

9 Landing Page Secrets That Will Make You Money

Landing page is actually a web page that do not have any out bound links out of the website. And it is through this landing page that you will be able to profit or make money using PPC. If you ignore this 9 secrets to a profitable landing page, you can forget about using PPC to make money online. [click to continue…]

Be Careful Of Your Adwords Bidding

Adwords has a great system that will help you in maintaining the bidding price for your campaign, through the Ad Group Max CPC, and the individual keyword Max CPC. With this you might think that you are save. Yes you are saved, but this is also where the loophole comes in too.

What Happen? [click to continue…]

Low Search Volume In Your Adwords Campaign?

Have you ever encounter low search volume in your Adwords campaign? So low that Google Adwords will switch it off. Do you know why this happens?

One of the reasons is that it has such low search volume that Google Adwords deem that it will not make them any money. Surprised! I was too when I got to realised it when studying some of my keywords today. [click to continue…]