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March 2010

Using PPC Search Engine Marketing To Increase SEO Ranking

Can using PPC marketing to increase SEO ranking? I must say that it can’t be done, as PPC does not affect any SEO ranking on your website. But PPC can help to find out the profitable keywords and you in turn focus on these keywords to rank better in terms of SEO.

Finding out from the keywords that converts in PPC and using it on your website as SEO is a smart way to get free traffic. This will help you focus on driving conversion traffic instead of those that does not convert is a much better and faster way to making money online. [click to continue…]

How Do We Know If The Ad Is a Broad Match?

Finding out if your competitors are using broad match keywords is quite easy. What you need to take note is the URL of your competitor’s first then key in a keyword phrase that is related to the competitor.

I have used an example of using “slim down fast diet” as a keyword phrase, note that I am using on the U.S search market. Right  is the ad which I saw and took as example:  [click to continue…]

What Is Default Bid On Adwords?

Default Bid for Adwords is the price which you are willing to pay in ad group level. For example, when you want to start a new ad group in a campaign, Adwords will always ask you to enter your default bid for your new ad group. This is because if you forget to add in bid price for a new keyword in the ad group, the default bid will come into play.

With the default bid running, you are sure to show your PPC ad for that particular keyword, unless it is below bid or you have paused the keyword. [click to continue…]

PPC And SEO: Match Made In Heaven

PPC and SEO are two separate strategies that uses the search engine results, but they are in a way great for complementing each other in the search engine. PPC and SEO are a match made in heaven.

As we know that SEO is a free organic search result for the search term you want to optimize in. The major problem is that it is not instant result like PPC. And as for PPC the main problem is that it is not free (pay per click), but instant result within minutes. Because each has a disadvantage that can only be complimented by each other, that is why when you use PPC, you should optimize in SEO as well. [click to continue…]

Utilize Ad Preview Tool In Your Adwords Ads

Ad preview tool is a great tool that will help in finding out the ad positions of your Adwords ads and at the same time monitoring the other PPC ads in your niche.

There are two places you can use the Ad Preview Tool, one is in your Adwords account, go to ‘Opportunities’ tap, under the tools section (left side of the screen) you will find ‘Ad Preview Tool’. The other can be found when you search for “ad preview tool” in Google. I have written a post on “Don’t put too much trust in Google Adwords Tools“, which will interest you in my discovery about Google, and its very helpful to you to find out your true stats in Google PPC too. [click to continue…]