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March 2010

When To Create a New Adwords Account?

Here are some of the reason why and when you should create a new Google Adwords account:

Reason 1: Too many Campaigns that you needed a new account for new project using PPC to drive traffic to your website.You have a lot of affiliate products to promote and earning you profit. So once you hit 25 campaigns, you will have to create a new account for the new affiliate products, when you reach this level, it means you are doing very well in online marketing. [click to continue…]

PPC Ad to Landing Page Linking Mistake

Now to you as someone who is searching online to find a product, you sees a PPC ad that looks like giving you what you want, you click on the ad, then you find nothing after clicking the link. Disappointed, so you left the to search for another product online. Back as a marketer yourself, did you make that mistake before, not checking the link on the PPC ads back to the landing page?

If you have made that mistake before, its okay. You are not the first and certainly not going to be the last for making that silly mistake. You got to correct this mistake fast, before it seriously affect your quality score and losing money because of the clicks. [click to continue…]

Split Testing Your Adwords Ads To Improve Your PPCl

Your Adwords ads are the one that will lead to an interest to what you are offering on the search engine result. In order to find out what your target audience is looking for, you have to spit test your PPC ad.

Here is how you can do spit testing to find out the best ad that will convert the highest click: [click to continue…]

Improve Your Landing Page Conversion By Using Images

Pictures or images speaks a thousand words, and it is up to those who sees it to interpret in their own mind. In order to increase your conversion rate in your landing page for PPC, all the more you should be using relevant images to increase in their senses.

As you have already invested in PPC, driving targeted traffic to your landing page, there onwards you will have to pre-sell to your target audience what you are offering. With a relevant picture you can save a lot on writing content and focus on writing the benefits of taking action. Here are 6 points you should take note when choosing a picture: [click to continue…]

Conversion Is Like Dating A Lady

Taken from

I was at the Google Analytics Master Class today, where one of the speakers Jon Stona was sharing that dating a girl is the same as conversion using Adwords PPC. I find it very funny and very true to all men and Internet marketers out there. [click to continue…]