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March 2010

Why I Used Adwords For My Internet Business?

This post is to remind me of main advantages of using PPC, especially Google Adwords for my business. You can also use it for your reason to use PPC for your online business.

1) Fast Traffic. After I have done my keyword research for the niche I want to be in, I will be sure that within 15 minutes I will get the traffic to my website. Of course all this is after I have set up the Adwords campaign and the ad groups.

2) Targeted Traffic. I will only show my ads to people who search the keywords that I bid on. This way, I am getting very targeted traffic to my website, and not any Tom, Dick or Harry. [click to continue…]

Testing Untapped Niches With Adwords

Sad Face When Not Making Money

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Have you ever been in a new untapped niche which you think is going to be profitable, but after you have fully enter into the niche, using all sorts of skills like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, lead capture, article marketing, video marketing, etc… You found that its not making you money, what went wrong?

It is because you did not test the market before going in full force. In marketing, it is wise to always test the market first. [click to continue…]

5 Reasons Why Conversion Is More Important Than Traffic

Traffic to most website owners are the blood that is flowing in your online business, but do you know that if you can’t convert them to buyers or get them to take action, you are as good as dead.

Here are 5 important reasons why conversion is so much more important than traffic:

1) Traffic does give you some income, but conversion helps you find the buyers. [click to continue…]

PPC Can Only Help You That Much!

PPC (Pay Per Click) primary job is to bring targeted traffic to your website, a traffic driven tool that is fast and targeted. What most Internet marketers wish for when the Internet first began back in the 1990s. But without a plan, PPC can only do that much for you and I.

That is when I realised that PPC is like the newspaper ad, but much better. Advertising your product or services to people when they see the ad (this is called impression in PPC term). Whether they take action or not, will depend on how compelling the ads are in showing the benefits, and a call to action too. [click to continue…]