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May 2010

PPC Consultants: How To Know If They Are Experts

There are a lot of PPC consultants out there with Adwords Qualified Professionals, or Yahoo PPC Qualified Consultant, but most of them have not use PPC to generate income for themselves yet. They are just like stock brokers who are trying to sell you stocks, yet they have not invest in it yet.

That is a very sad thing, and of course there are real PPC consultants who knows what they are doing, and will help you in driving targeted traffic, and at the same time lowering your PPC cost.

The question now is, how do you find these PPC consultants who are experts and can help you drive targeted traffic, making you money in the end? [click to continue…]

1000 Impressions And No Clicks: How To Rectify!

How do you rectify when you have 1000 impressions and no clicks?

First of all, the problem lays in the click through rate (CTR) of the ad. That is to say – your ad copy 2 lines.

If your ad copy is not compelling for someone to click and find out more, then the ad copy is a failure. Simple as that.

How do you test your ad copy if they actually work?

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