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5 Reasons Why Conversion Is More Important Than Traffic

Traffic to most website owners are the blood that is flowing in your online business, but do you know that if you can’t convert them to buyers or get them to take action, you are as good as dead.

Here are 5 important reasons why conversion is so much more important than traffic:

1) Traffic does give you some income, but conversion helps you find the buyers. To support this, some of the websites or blogs have Adsense ads where they earn money through the traffic they direct to other websites. These people are not buyers yet, so it will be hard for you to sell to them. But when someone buys from you, you can always…

2) Upsell To Your Buyers Again and Again. This is to support the above and to further make money from them again. Once you have the customer’s name and email who bought from you, you can always email them to offer something, thus making you more money and the cost is like pennies. Look, your website or blog is a business, and in business the primary job of the owner is to sell as much as possible, and to get the cost as low as possible. Then will you be able to generate cash to your online business.

3) Conversion Pumps Blood to Your Online Business. Blood meaning cash to your business. Though using Adsense also get cash, but not as fast as conversion sales do. Cash will sustain your business if you manage it right. You might have to employ an accountant to do all your cash flow of your business. Without cash in the business, it will bound to fail, so your next focus will be to find…

4) Buying Keywords, Conversion Helps You to Find Them. Yes, a very important thing to note is that there are tons of related keywords in your niche, but finding the ones that convert is key to your online success. When you have found the buying keywords, you will find that almost 90% of your sales will come from it, while the other keywords are by the way keywords.  There are three different keywords, browsing keyword, comparison keyword and buying keyword. In PPC and SEO, you are to identify the buying keywords, making your online business even stronger than ever.

5) Conversion Helps You to Understand Your Customers Behavior. Now you are given a clue in how people think and behave by studying the keywords they type and buy from you. There is a an old Chines saying “Know your enemy, and all battles are won!” Understanding your customers are what top notch companies are doing, they paid millions to find out what their customers want, do surveys on their products before its launch. And here you have Adwords conversion tracking to find out the conversion keywords to your product or service. Aren’t that cool?

And there are also seasonal type of keywords too, so be sure to find out too. For seasonal keywords, you will need to continue your PPC for a year so you can find out what are the keywords they are using.

Take Home Thought

Whatever you are doing online or even offline, tracking where, when, how and who is buying from you, is an essential skill in business. With Google Adwords Conversion Tracking, it just make it easy for you. Try it, you will not regret using it. And if you have do not know how to set up Adwords conversion tracking, you can click the link to find out. What are your thoughts with the five reasons, can you add in additional one? Feel free to use the comment below to share your views.

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