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9 Landing Page Secrets That Will Make You Money

Landing page is actually a web page that do not have any out bound links out of the website. And it is through this landing page that you will be able to profit or make money using PPC. If you ignore this 9 secrets to a profitable landing page, you can forget about using PPC to make money online.

Secret No 1: Compelling Headline. A headline that has only one thing to do, is to let the reader read the second line of the sentence or tagline. Do make sure that your primary keyword is in the headline (h1) also.

Secret No 2: Compelling Tagline. It has the same primary use as the compelling headline, to make the readers continue to read the following lines. Related keyword may appear here too.

Secret No 3. Enticing Content. Without a good story or content, the readers will not continue to read and stroll down to find out more. So do your best to write good content or story to draw their attention.

Secret No 4. Relevancy or Related Terms Used. The content or story that is in the landing page, must have terms that only people in the niche knows. This way, it tells the reader that you know what you are selling, and you are knowledgeable in that particular niche. So what happen to those who do not understand the deep stuffs? If you are able to tell people new words and explaining it to them in the shortest and fastest way, you will be deem as an expert by them. Use the terminology that are unknown to all, it will be added to your advantage.

Secret No 5. List Out Benefits. Benefits MUST be there, because people buy benefits that can help them. List them out in point forms, so that your readers will be able to read more easily. The benefits of the services or product must be able to help the reader solve their problem, so research what is the main benefit of the product or services.

Secret No6. Use the Correct Front Size and Front Theme. A very good front size and front theme will be 11 or 12 for size, and Verdana or Tahoma for the theme. These are the most appropriate theme and sizes for different ages.

Secret No 7.  Images or Videos. There must be some images or videos to show them what your landing page is all about, without reading the content. Yes a picture speaks a thousand words, people are actually lazy to read, so if there is a picture or video that can tell them what it is all about, will then be interested to find out more.

Secret No 8. No Linking Out To Other Web Pages. This is one of the mistakes in using PPC to drive traffic to your web page. The only stupid thing for you to do is to direct them to another pages. Be it that you want to do SEO or let the readers choose the what they want. Your only primary use of the landing page is……

Secret No 9. Call To Action. When your readers have read everything in the landing page, and now they are interested to buy or get more information. ALWAYS GET THEM TO TAKE ACTION IN THE END. It can be clicking the button or link, or fill in their details, or even call you now to buy or get more information. For the call to action, make it easy for the reader to take action. Depending on the business, like offline services, you might want to add in phone number, email address and the most important a fill in form. You can use third party lead capture like Aweber to capture the details of the readers. I find it easy to set it up and integrate into the landing page.

Whatever you do in the landing page, you must give the reader a good experience, provide relevant content, get them to take action, then will you be able to make money using PPC. And remember to the end result is to bring them to some sales page or to get their details. This is what a landing page must do.

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