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Hi there,

I am Joshua Elliot, author of and

I have been marketing online since 2007, and has been using Adwords to do most of my traffic, I can say that I know a lot about Adwords, and still doing my best to master the PPC to a master expert level. You can find out why I use PPC here.

This blog is all about using PPC to make money online, and how it can be done easily. I will be sharing what I have learn, mistakes that I made, tools that I used for PPC, books that I recommend for PPC, and other related to PPC topics.

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  1. Hi Joshus,

    I was just reading your comment on “Two Advanced Tactics for PPC Copywriting” and would love to see if you have a moment to chat. I am the Founder of BoostCTR, a service that allows advertisers to outsource their PPC copywriting. I’d be very interested to get your thoughts on ways of developing our writer network. Please let me know if you would have any availability to talk this coming week/weekend.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi David,

      How can I help you?

      Joshua Elliot


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