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Be Careful, Google Might Ban Your Adwords Account

This is a very short post.

Recently, there has been a lot of Adwords users been banned. There are talks in the internet marketing forums, and even on blogs like PPC Blog, read here for more info.

Most of those who were banned are mostly affiliates promoting someone’s product. Most of them do not have products of their own, and not that the Google Adwords are enforcing such strict rules in promoting affiliate products.

Although it happen last year, but I think it will continue to happen if users do not abide in Google Adwords rule.

How to prevent yourself from being ban by Google?

1) Get yourself familiar with Google Awords guidelines in promoting products or services.

2) Unlearn the old PPC marketing, they are not going to help you much.

3) Learn from those that have great PPC expertise in Adwords.

My best bet is to follow on Google’s new way, or you will miss a lot of making money chances. That will be all now.

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