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Build Your Adwords Account Consciously

Previously, I shared on Intro to Google Quality Score, today I like to share why that will determine your relationship with Google can be establish firmly, by following Google Adwords Guideline.  You need not memorized the whole guideline, but need to remember the main idea why Google has to set this, so we can build a win win relationship with Google and Google users.

First an Intro to the Adwords account layout.

Adwords Basic Structure

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There are four different levels in the Google Adword account, the keyword level (foundation level), Adgroup level (2nd level), Campaign level (3rd level), and Account level (4th and highest level). Here are the breakdown and details for the four levels:

Account Level: Create up to 25 campaigns in an account level.

Campaign Level: Create up to 100 Adgroups in Campaign level, meaning 100 different themes of PPC marketing

Adgroup Level: Create up to 100 keywords in a Adgroup level, where PPC Ads are also created here.

Keyword Level: The basics of Adwords, quality score starts from here.

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You are building Rome little by little, brick by brick….

As you can see that the keyword level is the foundation of the whole Adwords account, the keywords are like bricks, building up a wall (Adgroup), and the wall will be used to build buildings and towers (Campaign), and the empire (account level) will be prosperous and make strong with the rest of the world (Google). This is like building Rome day by day, brick by brick.

So each level is very important to the kingdom or country, if one campaign has many weak keyword quality score, then it will affect the whole account as whole, although this will not hurt the other campaigns, it just mean that the account quality score drop. That is why the keyword level is very very important, you do not want to have a few weak bricks, that will jeopardize your whole empire, right?

Do your best to have good or great quality score in your keyword level. So that you are able to build a strong and mighty empire.

I almost forgot why you need to build your Adwords account this way.

When you have build an Adwords account that has great quality score for all levels, you will realised that when you create a new campaign, Google will give you more leeway if you have a high quality score account. Of course this will be even better if your account is old in age, giving confidence to Google that you can help them give the Google users a good experience when the users use Google search engine.

What I mean by the leeway Google is giving you?

It simply means that when you create a new campaign for a totally different market, you will find that the keywords you bid for will actually be lower than what the other novice Adwords users are bidding in the long run, after a month or so. Google will still access the three critical areas that will determine whether your PPC campaign is relevant and not against Google Adwords Guideline.

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