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Can GEO Targeting Influence Quality Score?

GEO targeting can used to influence quality score, as you are actually funneling the traffic to a specific location or area. This is a very great way to target your traffic, as it will increase your CTR thus improving your quality score.

GEO Targeting

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Here is how you can use GEO targeting to influence quality score:

1) Set your GEO targeting to where you are promoting your product or services. In a country or state of the country.

2) As the traffic there is very targeted to the location, you will need to find out how the people search there. They may use different term or different language.

A lot of Adwords users do not know about the usage of GEO targeting and its importance to them. As different area (especially different countries) have different kind of search habits, due to their culture, their language and lifestyle. So its very important that if you have an international product, you will want to set your campaign to individual country.

If your product or services is only in one country, then it will be very easy for you. Just set the Adwords campaign to that particular country only. If you are not sure how to set GEO targeting, you can click on the link to find out more.

Another reason why GEO targeting can influence quality score is that, you do not have a lot of unwanted or unrelated traffic coming to your website. This is like using negative keywords, but now you are using Geo targeting instead.

In the previous time, GEO targeting was not introduce into Adwords, so when we have to target only one country, we have to negative keywords all countries except the one we are promoting in. That was a very long hard work back then, now with GEO targeting, everything is so easy now.

Take Home Advise

Use GEO targeting wisely. If you have a product that you are targeting internationally, it will be wise to seperate different countries using different campigns to target the countries.

This way, you can track the number of sales, the number of traffic coming to your website. Remember different countries have different terms, once you have find out the different terms they used. This way it will increase in your quality score, you are able to reach your audience easily, and find out the different keywords for each country.

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