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How To Email Adwords Support?

Do you have problems in contacting Adwords support team? Me too. It took me quite some time to find out how to contact the Adwords support team.

If you have been using Adwords PPC since 2008, it has been known to most Adwords users that contacting Adwords people are seemingly almost impossible. Here is the link to contact them. [click to continue…]

Is Google Instant Search Hurting PPC Marketers?

So many people are talking about this new thing “Google Instant Search“. I was in Hong Kong when I realised that Google changed how search will be online, so I did some research on how we as PPC marketers can benefit or even not be hurt by this new move that Google has implemented.

There are so many articles or blog posts talking about Google Instant will not hurt us PPC marketers, some commented it will. For me, it’s a bit of both.

Why do I said that?

I did some experiments on my friends, asking them to search Google Instant online, according to their hobby and their interest. I found there are 2 different distinct searchers online. The focused and the browsers. [click to continue…]

PPC Consultants: How To Know If They Are Experts

There are a lot of PPC consultants out there with Adwords Qualified Professionals, or Yahoo PPC Qualified Consultant, but most of them have not use PPC to generate income for themselves yet. They are just like stock brokers who are trying to sell you stocks, yet they have not invest in it yet.

That is a very sad thing, and of course there are real PPC consultants who knows what they are doing, and will help you in driving targeted traffic, and at the same time lowering your PPC cost.

The question now is, how do you find these PPC consultants who are experts and can help you drive targeted traffic, making you money in the end? [click to continue…]

Conversion Is Like Dating A Lady

Taken from

I was at the Google Analytics Master Class today, where one of the speakers Jon Stona was sharing that dating a girl is the same as conversion using Adwords PPC. I find it very funny and very true to all men and Internet marketers out there. [click to continue…]

Why I Used Adwords For My Internet Business?

This post is to remind me of main advantages of using PPC, especially Google Adwords for my business. You can also use it for your reason to use PPC for your online business.

1) Fast Traffic. After I have done my keyword research for the niche I want to be in, I will be sure that within 15 minutes I will get the traffic to my website. Of course all this is after I have set up the Adwords campaign and the ad groups.

2) Targeted Traffic. I will only show my ads to people who search the keywords that I bid on. This way, I am getting very targeted traffic to my website, and not any Tom, Dick or Harry. [click to continue…]