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GEO Targeting

Can GEO Targeting Influence Quality Score?

GEO targeting can used to influence quality score, as you are actually funneling the traffic to a specific location or area. This is a very great way to target your traffic, as it will increase your CTR thus improving your quality score.

GEO Targeting

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Here is how you can use GEO targeting to influence quality score:

1) Set your GEO targeting to where you are promoting your product or services. In a country or state of the country. [click to continue…]

GEO Targeting Demystify

GEO Targeting also known as location targeting, is a way to target people in a specific location using Adwords PPC. This has since help a lot of Adwords users eased in getting targeted traffic, especially if they are offline business owners. It has made a huge difference in the Adwords users now.

What can GEO Targeting do for you?

GEO Targeting has two distinct advantages;

1) To show your PPC ads in certain location

2) To find out which location or counties or cities are looking for the products or services you are providing. [click to continue…]