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What Does High Cost Per Click Indicate?

Cost Per Click (CPC) in Adwords is the cost of each click when someone searches and found your PPC ads relevant, this is the price that you pay for the traffic from Google. So if you have a high cost per click, it just means that you have a very competitive keyword and that a lot of your competitors wants a position in the first page of the search result as well.

In my previous post, on High Cost Pay Click, Competitive Market, What To Do!, I shared on how to rectify when you have this situation.

Today, I will go further on why the cost per click will continue to increase in cost, and how you can further solve this ever increasing cost per click problem by just changing a very simple yet not known to a lot of PPC users. [click to continue…]

Targeting Long Tail Keywords In PPC

Long tail keywords when used in PPC is a very high conversion rate keywords to target in. Like what Chris Anderson who wrote this famous book “The Long Tail“, just recently last year Chris revised the book, improve it, and called it “The Longer Tail“.

What long tail keywords mean is words that people used to describe what they are looking for in search engines as well as offline. Long tail keywords are usually 3 words or more words in the search terms people used. They are very low search volume in the search engines. [click to continue…]