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Improve Your Landing Page Conversion By Using Images

Pictures or images speaks a thousand words, and it is up to those who sees it to interpret in their own mind. In order to increase your conversion rate in your landing page for PPC, all the more you should be using relevant images to increase in their senses.

As you have already invested in PPC, driving targeted traffic to your landing page, there onwards you will have to pre-sell to your target audience what you are offering. With a relevant picture you can save a lot on writing content and focus on writing the benefits of taking action. Here are 6 points you should take note when choosing a picture: [click to continue…]

9 Landing Page Secrets That Will Make You Money

Landing page is actually a web page that do not have any out bound links out of the website. And it is through this landing page that you will be able to profit or make money using PPC. If you ignore this 9 secrets to a profitable landing page, you can forget about using PPC to make money online. [click to continue…]