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PPC Mistakes

1000 Impressions And No Clicks: How To Rectify!

How do you rectify when you have 1000 impressions and no clicks?

First of all, the problem lays in the click through rate (CTR) of the ad. That is to say – your ad copy 2 lines.

If your ad copy is not compelling for someone to click and find out more, then the ad copy is a failure. Simple as that.

How do you test your ad copy if they actually work?

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Not Switching Off Your Content Networks

Content networks in Adwords is a great way to get massive traffic in the fastest time, it is relatively cheaper then using the search networks. BUT they are not people who are looking for the services or products you are selling online.

I have done a major mistake of not switching off my content networks before (thank God it was once and only for a day), getting un-targeted impressions to the content networks are not really a good idea, if your PPC ads are not screaming at them to click on your ad. [click to continue…]

How Do We Know If The Ad Is a Broad Match?

Finding out if your competitors are using broad match keywords is quite easy. What you need to take note is the URL of your competitor’s first then key in a keyword phrase that is related to the competitor.

I have used an example of using “slim down fast diet” as a keyword phrase, note that I am using on the U.S search market. Right  is the ad which I saw and took as example:  [click to continue…]

PPC Ad to Landing Page Linking Mistake

Now to you as someone who is searching online to find a product, you sees a PPC ad that looks like giving you what you want, you click on the ad, then you find nothing after clicking the link. Disappointed, so you left the to search for another product online. Back as a marketer yourself, did you make that mistake before, not checking the link on the PPC ads back to the landing page?

If you have made that mistake before, its okay. You are not the first and certainly not going to be the last for making that silly mistake. You got to correct this mistake fast, before it seriously affect your quality score and losing money because of the clicks. [click to continue…]

Do Not Put Too much Trust In Google Adwords Tools

There are reasons why I wrote that as the title. As I have been seriously wanting to improve in my PPC skills (especially in Adwords), the more I find that the tools in Adwords are not telling us the whole story. So I ponder about it and decide to write this post to share with you.

I have been using Adwords for like 3 years now, initially I was not really serious about it and did not make any money, but thank God I did break even. Now as I get to find more and more stuffs about Adwords PPC, the more that I feel that Adwords are not telling me a lot of things. It felt like along in the dark, not able to find the way out. [click to continue…]