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Mobile Adwords: Is This The Next Trend?

I just recently started to use the Mobile Adwords targeting only Singapore. As most of my online market are targeted to offline services instead of online products, as I find that it’s a much more better market than the later.

Now that the world is all about mobile, should we go ahead with Mobile Adwords too? [click to continue…]

Utilize Ad Preview Tool In Your Adwords Ads

Ad preview tool is a great tool that will help in finding out the ad positions of your Adwords ads and at the same time monitoring the other PPC ads in your niche.

There are two places you can use the Ad Preview Tool, one is in your Adwords account, go to ‘Opportunities’ tap, under the tools section (left side of the screen) you will find ‘Ad Preview Tool’. The other can be found when you search for “ad preview tool” in Google. I have written a post on “Don’t put too much trust in Google Adwords Tools“, which will interest you in my discovery about Google, and its very helpful to you to find out your true stats in Google PPC too. [click to continue…]