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Compelling Ads That Make You Want To Clicks

Have you ever seen a PPC ad that is so compelling or caught your attention, that you want to click and find out more? I did, and its the same for newspaper advertising, and all kinds of advertising. The words in the ad must have interest you or seducing you to want to know more.

This is the essence of PPC ads, to make people take action by clicking on the ad and move to see your landing page (where you sell them).

I will be setting up a topic on compelling ads in this blog, and at the same time to keep me updated and on the edge in my PPC ad copywriting.

Today I will be looking into “slimming work out” as the keyword to share. I am using the U.S Google search engine to find these Adwords PPC ads.

On the right you can see there are a number of ads shown. One thing that caught my attention is that all the ads did not show any word on “slimming”, except a “out” word in the first ad, which is “Find Out More”, and “work” in the last ad, which is part of the domain name.

Tell me which one actually caught your attention, even if the keywords are not shown in the ads.

Let me tell you which actually caught my attention, the forth ad with as the domain name. You can see why I like this ad, its because ‘I love food!’ And if I want to slim down yet do not have to lose the joy of leaving my favorite foods, I want to know how it is done. Don’t you?

So here is the secret that many of the PPC advertisers does not know, especially if they were unsuccessful in the Adwords PPC. It’s giving what the searchers want and give them even more reasons why they must click on your ad. So for me, the additional reason is to eat my favorite food while at the same time doing my slimming program.

These are called benefits with reasons. The other ads talk about the same thing on slimming, plan, loss weight etc… No difference to me, but if you add a benefit that actually is contra to the main benefit, yet not killing the main benefit. You got a winning ad!

So comment below on which ad gets your attention and why? I like to know from you. Hear from you soon.

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