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Conversion Is Like Dating A Lady

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I was at the Google Analytics Master Class today, where one of the speakers Jon Stona was sharing that dating a girl is the same as conversion using Adwords PPC. I find it very funny and very true to all men and Internet marketers out there.

You go out with a cute lady, bring her to a great restaurant where there is romantic ambiance. Then you bring her to walk the nearby beach, where you listen to the night sea wave together, she likes you and you likes her, everything is going great. You walk her home, and the time to kiss her at her door steps. You froze, you do not know what to do, and worst of all you wet your pants. This is not a great experience for you and her.

This is also true for your online marketing using Adwords, you have paid for the traffic coming to your web page, the only thing in your mind is to convert that traffic to a sale or a lead capture or send them to the affiliate sales page etc…

You see, you have already made the investment (Google Adwords) to bring her out for nice dinner, and it can be expensive, gave her flowers (free report for example), show her the night view at the beach (using video to educate your prospect), then at the end of the whole event, you have to ask her the question or the usual action is to kiss her. This is giving a good user experience, and most properly your traffic (girl you are dating) will buy from you or do what you tell them to do.

Make every date (click) count, because if not you are going to lose out big time in the long run.

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