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Do Not Put Too much Trust In Google Adwords Tools

There are reasons why I wrote that as the title. As I have been seriously wanting to improve in my PPC skills (especially in Adwords), the more I find that the tools in Adwords are not telling us the whole story. So I ponder about it and decide to write this post to share with you.

I have been using Adwords for like 3 years now, initially I was not really serious about it and did not make any money, but thank God I did break even. Now as I get to find more and more stuffs about Adwords PPC, the more that I feel that Adwords are not telling me a lot of things. It felt like along in the dark, not able to find the way out.

Why I comment this way?

As I was using the Adwords report, a lot more things are not what they are appearing to be. For example, I did use a “keyword A” in both phrase and exact match, but when I found out that someone actually type the exact match for my “keyword A”, it came off as a phrase match. I checked the spelling and plural stuffs, it was all set by me long time ago.

The “Keyword A” should have triggered the exact match, but instead it was reflected in the phrase match. The search volume was good, so the PPC ads were on.  I am still trying to figure out why this happen?

Then when I used the Ad Preview Tool (login to Adwords account), the keywords which I bid are actually higher than the other ads, but when I use the Ad Preview Tool (without login to Adwords account), the result are very different. They are actually lower position than the login Ad Preview Tool.

My conclusion

You can still use the Adwords tools as to give you ideas and how to market to your niche, but to fully trust it will be not wise. I still use them like the Ad Preview Tool (without login to my accounts) and Adword Keyword Tool (without login as well), they are actually more accurate when you did not login to your Adwords account. Try it, you will be surprise to see.

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