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Do Search Users Trust PPC Ads?

The question above is also asking you, do you trust PPC ads when you search online? Most of the time people will not trust PPC ads. Actually around 12% will trust PPC ads, whereas the 88% trusts organic search results.

Great now! How can I still use PPC to drive traffic then, when its against me, PPC user?

Remember that PPC is Pay Per Click, not Pay Per Impression. So with reasonable ad positions and great PPC ad, you can always be certain that you will still get clicks to your web page. The minimum odds are at least 100 impressions to 1 click. That means 1% CTR for your ad and keyword. This is the minimum passing point for your keyword quality score.

Back to the main topic…

Search users or any one who sees an ad online or offline will not trust ads that much compare to someone who has already used the product or services. Do you also have the same trusting issue? I can assure you are not the first or the last one. Yes people generally do not trust the ads even if they are offline.

Why do people not trust the ads in general?


1) They have not used it before. Human will not trust the services or product if they have not use it before. Its natural. That is why in your ads it must state the main benefit of the product.

2) No one they knew used it before. When someone you know used the product or services before, and recommend to you. You will have a high conversion rate, because its a word of mouth. Trust is already build with the friend, the friend will tell the truth and share experience about the product to you.

3) The ads are new and thus not a lot of testimonies. The product may be new and not a lot of people used it before, so it is best to add in testimonies, their before and after pictures. A video testimonies is even better as it involves visual and audio, where its high in conversion.

So what do they trust?

Basically speaking, they will trust the organic search result more than the PPC ads, its always this way. The main reason why the search users trust the search results is because the search engines are the ones that filter and gather the most relevant search results to the search users. The search engines are there to serve the public, and to present the most relevant results. So its why Google, Yahoo and MSN are the ones that has the most users in the world.

Solution to Building Trust For Your PPC

Besides the ones that I added above, another way is to make your ads continue to run in your Adwords campaign. Yes you hear me, continue to run. The reason why is that if someone driving home the same road after work, sees the same ad over and over and over again, do you think that when that someone need to use that product or service, the first thing they will think of is the product ad he sees everyday. It is the same for your PPC ads as well.

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