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Google Adwords Quality Score Demystify

Quality Score, one of the most important factors in your Adwords PPC. Google Adwords is the only one currently applying Quality Score system to its users. With a deep knowledge of quality score, you are on the way to making successful PPC in Adwords. That is like winning 70% of the battle already.

Quality score is based on three factors in you Adwords PPC:

1) Landing Page Relevance

2) Keywords Used for PPC Ads

3) Click Through Rate

Landing page relevancy is the content and context of the web page, where once a user click and landed in the web page. What you need to provide is the relevant content that the user uses the keyword to search for your product or services. If your landing page is pre-selling something not related to what the users are looking for, they will leave the page as soon as the page loads up.

This will decrease your quality score, as the bounce rate will increase, thus telling Google Adwords that your user’s experience is bad. The good news is that landing page makes up of less than 10% of your quality score. As long as the keywords are shown in the landing page, your landing page quality page should not go below 5. Next we go into….

Keywords Used for the Ads. This is the channel where the targeted traffic will come to your landing page. Finding out the keywords that targeted traffic users type in Google, will increase the chances of you doing business with you.

Keywords actually tells you what the users are looking for online. Take for example; someone type ‘flower shop’, looking for a flower shop online. But the thing is that this keyword is way to general in term of geographically speaking, if only the user is in your area where your flower shop is operating, most properly you will not be able to do business with the users.

But if the user types in ‘flower shop New York’, this is a very different situation compare to the general ‘flower shop’. One is that if your flower shop is in New York, then you have a higher chances of doing business with the user. Two, it tells you that the flower to be send to is going to be in New York, a high percentage buyer. This is called Geo Targeting, targeting people in a certain area only. Everything up till now, the percentage of you getting a high quality score is only 25% to 30%, the next element is the key to your success in Adwords PPC…

Click Through Rate also known as CTR, is the key in improving your quality score. Why is this so….

Because once you have the right landing page and keywords to target searchers, now you need to do is to attract the searchers to click on your ad. Having a compelling ad and keywords shown on the PPC ad will increase the chances of them clicking your ad, and thus increasing your CTR.

In order to have ad that sell (meaning high click through), you need to understand:

a) Your product: the terms the product do, and how it can help the searchers ease their pain now.

b) The searcher’s state: depending on the product and the keywords they are searching for, will actually tell you what their current situation is. With this information, you will be able to target the searcher’s emotion and their fears.

Once you can provide a solution, that will take away their fears and pain. The chances of you doing a business with them is very very very high.

The PPC is like the door to the store, if your door is not attractive or telling them what your business is all about in the shortest length of words, they will not take notice of your ad at all.

In the past there was only bad, good and great for the ranking of the keyword quality score. It has changed since having 10 different scoring points for you to be at, 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Do your best to be 7 and above for the keyword level.

There are a lot other factors that will help increase in the quality score of your Adwords PPC, I will talk about them in the near future. As of now, this post is to simplified what Google Adwords Quality Score is, and how you can benefit from it, thus making more money.

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