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Is Google Instant Search Hurting PPC Marketers?

So many people are talking about this new thing “Google Instant Search“. I was in Hong Kong when I realised that Google changed how search will be online, so I did some research on how we as PPC marketers can benefit or even not be hurt by this new move that Google has implemented.

There are so many articles or blog posts talking about Google Instant will not hurt us PPC marketers, some commented it will. For me, it’s a bit of both.

Why do I said that?

I did some experiments on my friends, asking them to search Google Instant online, according to their hobby and their interest. I found there are 2 different distinct searchers online. The focused and the browsers.

The focused searchers

They know what they want to find online, thus knowing the full name or related name of the search term. Like for example, I have a friend interested to find out the price of Macbook Air, so he typed in “macbook air price” as search term. Going straight for the search term he typed, ignoring other search results and PPC advertising. Most buyers come from this group.

The browser searchers

This is the complete opposite of a focused searcher, browser searchers do not know have a definite search. I find them doing a lot of random search on their hobby or interest. Some will look at the new Google search results, spending some time on reading the search results. They will even restart on searching on another related term too. Clicking on the PPC advertising that interests them and the organic search results too. Usually they are rushing searchers, that will also explain why they spend time reading the search results.

Now, both of the searcher qualities above are within all of us, just depending on circumstances and situations they are in.

How Google Instant Search Can Hurt PPC Marketers?

An increase in impressions will be the cause, thus decreasing CTR, thus paying more for the keywords in the long term. Although Google did stated that as long as the Google searchers using the Instant Search, does not stay more than 3 seconds, it will not counted as an impression for the Adwords marketers. Click Here to read more about Google Instant.

The problem here is that most of the searchers are browsers, thus getting more impressions for your PPC ads and keywords. But the good news is that most beginner Adwords marketer who do not have a very tight organised Adwords campaign and do not have budgets that can last their business long term, will be eliminated sooner than before Google Instant was introduced.

For those Adwords marketers, who are the opposite of the above, will most properly be successful and having ROI for their business. Because most of the tight campaign Adwords marketers, will target on long tail keyword and they are in phrase and exact match only. Their ads are targeted, landing page for that specific keywords only, thus showing more relevance.

Google Instant is on when you used Google. So how do you switch it off? Go to “Search Setting” which is on the top right of Google, go to Google Instant column, select “Do not use Google Instant”, and click save. This will help to decrease the impressions, or you can always use the Adwords preview tool.

My conclusion

For new and un-organised Adwords campaign PPC marketers or users, it will be a much harder to have a higher ROI. Whereas, for the more advanced PPC marketers, are the ones who will make it and earn even more ROI from PPC marketing. So the only way is to constantly upgrade yourself for more PPC strategies and tips.

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