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High Cost Per Click, Competitive Market, What To Do!

What do you do when you have a high cost per click (CPC), like $4 and above and in a competitive market or niche that is full of Adwords PPC ads (more than 11 PPC ads). Do you quit or continue?

Quitting is a very easy choice to do. You may not have enough budget to carry on or the sales or conversion is very low using PPC, thus not making profit and the cost did not go down as well. It may seem that quitting is the way out now, but do you know that you can rectify the situation by doing some correction on your PPC campaign?

First, you need to realise that you need to correct three things that will turn your situation around instantly.

1) Writing compelling PPC ads that will attract clicks, and to position your ads on the above the fold area (preferable from position 1 to 5 at least). Spit test the PPC ads as well in a ad group. The keywords are to be place on the headline of the PPC ad, so that you can get good quality score.

2) Targeting conversion only keywords. This way you can ignore those that do not bring in the profit. If you have been using Adwords PPC for at least 2 to 3months, you can find out which keywords convert sales. You will need to have the Adwords conversion code in your thank you page, will you find out the conversion keywords. Read how to set up Adwords conversion code tracking.

3) One Landing Page To One Ad Group. Having a landing page that only targets a specific keywords in a Ad group, can also increase quality score, thus lowering the CPC of a particular keyword.

The above way can only work if you only have budget to continue with, but what happens when you do not have enough budget? One very simple tip is to place your Ad on the first position of the second page. Yes you hear me, second page of the search result.

Most of the PPC ads are competing for the first page of the keyword there are targeting, because there are the most 11 places on the search result, if there are more than 11 ads, then the 12th person will have to pay CPC that is at least higher than the 11th ad, presumably all are new ads. This is where the the demand (more than 11 ads on a particular keyword) is more than the supply (11 ad positions).

There is a saying that those who really want to find what they are looking for will go for the extra mile of searching the second and even the third page of the search result. They are really looking for the product or services you are providing. This has a huge advantage compare to the been on the first page.

a) Lesser Impressions; I mean much lesser impressions than on page one. This will greatly increase your CTR of your keyword because the impressions have greatly decrease.

b) More Targeted Audience; These people are the ones that will go the extra mile, and they mostly are buyers.

c) Cost Per Click Decreases; Because it is in the second page, the cost is so much lower than the first page, it can go as low as 90% less than in the first page itself.

I have shared with you on amending your PPC ads, keywords and landing page for those who can continue to target on the first page. For those who do not have enough budget to carry on, the second page will be a great idea to go into instead of the first. This is not just theory, it is very practical and what you always need to do is to test it first. Sometimes it does not suit the niche you are in for the second page, you got to test!

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