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How Do We Know If The Ad Is a Broad Match?

Finding out if your competitors are using broad match keywords is quite easy. What you need to take note is the URL of your competitor’s first then key in a keyword phrase that is related to the competitor.

I have used an example of using “slim down fast diet” as a keyword phrase, note that I am using on the U.S search market. Right  is the ad which I saw and took as example: 

Then after which I take away diet from the keyword phrase, using “slim down fast” to search. I am still using U.S search engine to find out the result. And on the left is the the result I find out.

The second result can only show that is using phrase match type, in order to find out if they are using board match, you will have to broaden the keyword by using one or two words as keyword, in this case I used “slim” as the keyword to finalize if www.Slim-Fast is using board match. The result shows below:

This confirms that they are using broad match as keywords. Do remember that once you used broad match, you must add in negative keywords to filter away unwanted traffic that are not targeted, which will cost you unwanted and un-targeted clicks in your PPC campaigns.

In order to maximize the PPC campaign, you must make full use of the Ads, the ad groups, and the keywords. As you can see that uses the same ad, and furthermore using broad match “slim” as keyword. This is also one of the PPC mistake that most people make as well.

Do you make the same mistake before? If so, what did you do to correct the mistake? Share with us below on the comment, I will be hearing from you.

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