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How To Set GEO Targeting?

Setting Your Preferred GEO Targeting

If you are setting a new campaign

1) Click on new campaign (see picture below)

2) After you have named your new campaign, find ‘Locations’. If you are targeting the product or services to internationally (meaning promoting to the whole world), choose ‘Bundle‘. If you are targeting a few countries, choose ‘Country‘.

3) If you are targeting only a specific location or area, like a city. You can set it to the radius of your business. Click ‘Show relevant address with your ads (advanced)’ (See picture above). Choose ‘Custom‘ next (see picture below).

4) Enter your business address, for example you can enter your area code in the location box. Mine is showing ‘Ang Mo Kio’ setting the radius of 20 KM of the address. See picture below. You can use miles instead, just click on ‘Use mi‘ shown on the picture below.

5) You can check on the map to see if you are satify with the radius. See picture below. If you you think the radius should be bigger, go back to step 4 to key in the new radius.

6) After you are satisfied with the GEO targeting radius, you can click save at the bottom.

How to change GEO targeting location when I already have an existing Campaign?

A) Choose the campign you want to change the location.

B) Click on ‘Setting’.

C) You can refer to Step 2 above from then on.

Setting GEO targeting is quite easy, and there are many more that you can explore on your own. You will be surprise to see that it can go very very specific.

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