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How To Set Up Adwords Conversion Tracking

How to Set Up Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

Its quite easy and what you need is to know some html code and to FTP the updated web page to your hosting.

1) Go to ‘Reporting’ and choose ‘Conversion’.

2)Next, you will be brought to a new page. Under ‘Conversion’, click ‘New Conversion’.

3) Next a small sub page will come out. ‘Action Name’ is name for this conversion purpose. Usually I will give the same according to the project I am tracking. Next you need to ‘Select a Tracking Purpose’, there are 5 to choose from, and it tells you what you tracking is all about. I have choose to name the ‘Action Name’ as Lead Capture For Product 1, and the tracking purpose is ‘Lead’. Click save and continue.

4)Next you will be brought to the ‘Code’ page. Here you have to inform Adwords, what type of page security you are using for the conversion code. Next you have to inform Adwords what language you are using. Select ‘Non’ for Chose Text Format. Adwords will show  a red sentence which reads: Note that selecting the format “None” means you are required to inform the users on your own of tracking technologies. You can ignore this as it will not affect you in any way. Click Save and continue.

5) Next you will be brought to a new page where there HTML code. You can see that the Action Name for this conversion is in the html code. You are to copy the code and paste it in the Thank You Page” when someone purchase or give you their name and email. Paste it in between the body.

You are almost done with the conversion tracking. All you need now is to FTP the updated ‘Thank You Page’ up to your web hosting, and it’s done.

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