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Improve Your Landing Page Conversion By Using Images

Pictures or images speaks a thousand words, and it is up to those who sees it to interpret in their own mind. In order to increase your conversion rate in your landing page for PPC, all the more you should be using relevant images to increase in their senses.

As you have already invested in PPC, driving targeted traffic to your landing page, there onwards you will have to pre-sell to your target audience what you are offering. With a relevant picture you can save a lot on writing content and focus on writing the benefits of taking action. Here are 6 points you should take note when choosing a picture:

Relevancy: Haha yes! Relevancy is key to dramatically increase your conversion rate in your landing page. For example if your are selling a slimming product, you would be showing slim men and women.I have seen a landing page from a woman magazine doing PPC, and getting their targeted audience to be in their free membership.

They used a young beautiful woman, with 3 different expressions (happy, stressed and angry) in a black, white and gold combination. It did not draw in a lot of conversion. So they used a different approach using only one picture with one young beautiful woman surrounded by hunks (blur background images).  It converts like crazy after changing the picture!

End Result: When your targeted audience comes to your landing page, your ads show what interests them, because they are looking for a solution, and a quick one too! The logical images to show is the end result picture of them using your product. Like the example I talked about above on slimming. Its the same thing.

You can also use before and after pictures of your past clients as the pictures. I would recommend using a man and a woman for the before and after pictures (total 4 pictures) if you are targeting both sexes.

Smile: One of the simplest and most forgotten form to get your targeted audience to like you (in this case your product), is a smile. Yes, a smile can change someone’s emotion. They would most properly feel sad when they arrive at your landing page, as they are looking for instant solution. A smiling picture can change their day.

Colour: This will depend on your overall colour of the landing page, a prefer colour will be white for the landing page, so its easy to choose the determine the colour of the pictures. Sometimes its about the lighting when taking the picture. Brightness is another factor to note in. For taking professional photos, please consult a pro for more information.

For animations pictures, clean bright colours are the better choices. Using dark colours will affect the feelings of the audience.

Of course it will also depend on the type of products you are selling as well. So choose the colour tone according to your branding and product.

Positioning: Placing the pictures in the landing page is a testing skill where all marketers must learn and apply. You may have the best picture that can convert easily, but you will still need to find out the optimum position to place your picture in the landing page.

You have to test the best conversion result for your picture, I would recommend using the Google Website Optimizer to do the testing. Its very easy to use and will tell you results that you get for testing.

Keep It Simple: Lastly, a simple looking picture that tells a story, is way better than one that complicates your target audience. Just like the landing page the woman magazine was using initially the 3 different expressions, did not convert.

So it best to let the market tell you what they want and not tell them what you want. Remember they are the ones paying you, and not you paying them.  Testing your market is a constant and never ending thing, so be sure to get feedback from market first then test till you get the best result for conversion.

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