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Intro To Adwords Keyword Match Type

Adwords has four Keyword Match type to all its users since its launched in 2000. The bad news is that you may not know what this keyword match type can do for you, the good news is that a lot of people still do not understand what keyword match type can help them in?

For me, I find that its a good thing that a lot of people still do not know what the keyword match typ e is, so I will have less competitor to compete with. But I still acknowledge that with competitors will then prove my skills is up to mark or I am just kidding myself and you. So I welcome competitors to come share the big pie, and may the best man win!

So much for my ego thing, I will start with the four different types of keyword matching that puts Adwords into the cutting edge service.

Broad Match Keyword

This is the easiest to understand, yet the one that will make you lose the most money. The nature of a board match keyword is that when you bid for a keyword as a broad match, you are telling Google Adwords to show your ads as long as someone searches for the word.

For example, you bid on a keyword flower, your ads can appear when someone types ‘flower shop’, ‘flower material’, ‘fake flower‘, ‘red flower‘, ‘purple colour flower‘, or ‘how to make a girl smile with red flower‘, etc…

It is very very very very broad. This is a very good thing, as you might not know what your target audiences will search online. So the solution is to bid on the broad match, you have all the traffic to yourself. Best of all, board match is in the default setting, so you can have your market traffic to your website.

Phrase Match Keyword

You will need more understanding than the broad match. The rule states that if your keyword has phrase that you want to target, for example using “google adwords” as a phrase match. Your ad will be trigger if someone searches for ‘best “google adwords” expert’, ‘”google adwords” professional’, ‘tools “google adwords”‘.

As long as the additional words are either in front or at the back of the phrase match, the ad will trigger. Here are some examples that will not trigger the ads; ‘adwords google’, ‘free adwords tool google’, ‘adwords pro in ppc’.

Exact Match Keywords

This is as easy as the board match. It simply means that the ad will only appear when someone search for that keyword only, no additional keyword is needed, or anything keyword taken out of the exact match, the ad will not appear.

For example, you bid on keywords [how to make money online], the ad can only be trigger if someone searches the exact keywords in the same sequence. Here are some example that the ad will not appear; how to make money online fast, make money online, how to make cash online, etc…

Negative Match Keywords

The most underused keyword match in Adwords. And the only keyword match that can help you save the most on your PPC cost. The primary job of negative keyword is get rid of irrelevant keywords that are searchers are typing online.

For example, you are a flower shop owner in New York, you only sell real flower, so your main negative keyword would be -fake or -not real, or -manmade, etc…

Negative match is best use with board match and phrase match, as these two are the only ones that will bring in the most traffic, even unrelated traffic.

If you want to find out more on the Adwords Keyword Match Type, I suggest you click the link to help you understand more.

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