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Is PPC Profitable In 2010?

I came across a search query recently, asking “Is PPC Profitable in 2010?” What would you think? For my opinion I still think PPC  will be profitable, actually more profitable than in 2009 or any other years before. As our technologies grow day by day, we are highly dependent on speed and results.

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And this is where PPC is able to provide these 2 factors so efficiently to us. BUT, PPC is a double edged sword where if you know what you are doing, you can get great results from PPC, if you do not know what you are doing and expecting the PPC service provider like Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing, to help you in setting up the PPC campaign, you can be sure that you will pay a lot for your PPC ads and they will treat you like a VIP customers, making you less profitable than you should be too.

Back to the question… Is PPC Profitable In 2010?

PPC will still be profitable, actually it will be even more profitable than the previous years after it was invented. Many of us are so dependent on the Internet, when people want to find something, they go to the search engines 90% of the time. This information alone is going to worth gold to you and me.

If you position yourself well (top 3) in PPC or SEO, you are almost guarantee success for all business, be it online or offline. With good marketing strategies planned out, the upsell, side sell, down sell, your business can be profitable using PPC on its own already.

Take for example, I have a local business service (not owned by me), which most of the Singaporeans will use once a while, my PPC and SEO are in the top 3 position.  I am already dominating there for that service and making me thousands of dollars monthly. You can use this to your advantage.

It can also work for international products too, you will need to be very focus on the niche and know the target audience’s needs and what are their pain. A deep research of the market is a MUST, and it has to start with keyword research first, then the trend of the niche, its seasonality, etc…

I would recommend using a good keyword research tool, although Google Keyword Tool give you good research, but they are limited to broad keywords, not the long tail keywords where the money is. I would recommend using Keyword Research Pro: keyword research tool to help you in the research.

PPC is a skill that needs time to perfected, and be a lot of new stuffs (especially for Adwords) will be invented to help you in your PPC journey. I would suggest that you invest at least 2 hours a day for a year to get yourself familiarized with Adwords or other PPC platform (Adwords is the better choice), and get your hands dirty on a new project to promote. This way you can be sure that you can learn PPC the fastest way and you will understand it better as well.

Remember that to have profitable results in PPC is attainable, you just need to understand and practise PPC skills to be making money online. How would you think that those who are top in their field be able to make it? Because they put in affect (a lot of affect and time) to learn and to be the best in their fields. That will be your goal if you want to see your PPC profitable in 2010.

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