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Low Search Volume In Your Adwords Campaign?

Have you ever encounter low search volume in your Adwords campaign? So low that Google Adwords will switch it off. Do you know why this happens?

One of the reasons is that it has such low search volume that Google Adwords deem that it will not make them any money. Surprised! I was too when I got to realised it when studying some of my keywords today.

I found out that the keywords that I am targeting are very targeted, profitable and long tailed keyword as well, basically I am in a no man’s land (no PPC ads search result too!) where there are plenty of gold to dig. This would be a profitable keyword for me to make money in. But the ad was not on for this particular keyword, because of low search volume.

Instead I found out that this keyword was taken out from a primary keyword phrase to replace this targeted, profitable and long tail keyword, which is a very competitive and expensive keyword to bid on. The long tail keyword was worth only a third of the price for the expensive keyword.

Then suddenly I realised that Google will take the most relevant and most expensive keyword phrase, replace the one that is more targeted yet low in volume. Thus making Google more money. I was so pissed at this kind of this arrangement, that I had to voice out and share.

The solution

Well the only solution which I think will work best for me is to target the profitable long tail keyword in organic search. That means SEO. I see that the competitions are weak, not from websites but from free directories, so it will be easy for me to target in for the free traffic.

Next is to target other search engines PPC, and bid on the keyword too. Just a note if you are new to PPC, the other search engine’s PPC are actually lower in price for every click, which is a good thing. You might just pay less than $0.10 per click or even less.

For the switched off profitable keywords, continue to let it run till more search volume kick in and it will restart the keyword again.

If you have encounter this before, and have a better solution to what I just suggested, be sure to share with us. I will be listening.

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  1. Hi Joshua,

    I recently did some research on these ‘low search volume’ keywords and found many which weren’t exactly ‘low search volume’ . 573 searches/month isn’t exactly ‘low search volume’, in my opinion.

    I agree it’s a poor move by Google, taking away opportunities for small businesses to use highly-specific long-tail keywords to target small specialised niches.

    1. Hi Alan,

      I think its the way Google wants us to pay for higher bidding keywords, which is one or two keywords lesser than the one I was talking about.

      Hear form you soon again.


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