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Mobile Adwords: Is This The Next Trend?

I just recently started to use the Mobile Adwords targeting only Singapore. As most of my online market are targeted to offline services instead of online products, as I find that it’s a much more better market than the later.

Now that the world is all about mobile, should we go ahead with Mobile Adwords too?

I would say why not? But make sure that it is in the testing process, as not all markets are suitable to be on the mobile. A mobile searcher is some how different from a searcher who is using a desktop or laptop. From my point of view, desktop and laptop searchers are more of a buyers.

But to support my answer on to go ahead in using Mobile Adwords for all the Adwords users, are to test the market in a small area first. If it’s giving you result then go on, if not find out why. You may want to lengthen the Mobile campaign to see the results coming, as this is still a new market area you may find it untapped.

I will be updating on the new campaign in a week or two which only targets mobile devices. Remember always be testing in marketing….

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  1. Its a clever idea, I just worry that advertising is getting a bit out of hand.

    1. Hi Troy,

      Thank you for your comment.

      What do you mean by getting out of hand?

      Joshua Elliot

  2. I notice half the blogs I read are so cluttered with advertising that I have trouble finding the article in the maze of ads and occasional pop ups. I just worry that I will find myself in a similar predicament while using my mobile browser.

    1. Hi Troy,

      I understand why you are saying this. I would recommend that you focus only on the search networks for your Adwords PPC ads.

      This way you will find that the quality of your traffic is way much better than the content networks.

      But if your target traffic has always been from content networks (websites and blogs with Adsense), you can always give it a try for a week or so, then decide to continue with the PPC campaign.

      Hope it helps.

      Joshua Elliot


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