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When Negative Keywords Can Do That Much, PPC Ads Can Help Filter As Well

Using Negative keywords are a great way to get rid of unwanted or non-targeted traffic coming to click on your PPC ads. But you always seem to attract clicks even through you have done your homework of generating a list of negative keywords for the campaign.

In Business, its always about sales and costs. If you can bring in more sales or lower the costs, then you will have a greater profit. That is the success in business, and it goes the same to Adwords as well. But how to generate targeted traffic and at the same time letting the un-targeted traffic not click on the PPC ads?

Simple formula is to write a PPC ad that only targets or filters to the type of people you are looking for, making it hard or undesirable for the unwanted traffic to click on your PPC ads. Here is how you do it:

1) Write technical terms that only your targeted group knows. Let’s take for example in “Managed Hosting Services”, the thing that consumers are looking for in manged hosting services, are the the speed, reliability, and support.  As you can see the picture below, it has the languages or words that only your target audience are looking for, the support it promises, and the address of the company. But this is not enough to filter away, when you need…

Using PPC Ads To Filter Unwanted Traffic

2) Numbers that only your targeted group will take interest in. Yes, this can come in price and quantity as well. Let’s say you are a manufacturer of a adaptor for laptop, you will need to target big purchase not one little purchase. On the PPC ad, you can state at least buy how many quantity, then will this transaction be able to proceed. This way you are not offending those who saw your ads, and at the same time be clear in who your type of consumers are too. This is even more important than the technical terms.

The above 2 ways can help to filter away unwanted clicks thus lowering your costs, but you are also lowering your CTR as well. With a list of negative keywords (growing daily or weekly), you are sure to filter away all the un-targeted traffic, thus lowering your cost, increase in sales and increase your CTR again.

You might ask “What happens to the quality score then if the CTR drops?” The quality score may drop a little like 2 or 3 below your average quality score or remain the same. That is why creating or finding your negative keyword is a constant process that almost cannot end. Because someone will search in a way you never think of, and of course writing a targeted PPC ad is also another great way to filter unwanted clicks.

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  1. Hi Joshua, thanks for a great article. Negative Keywords can save you a lot of money, or if you are willing to keep your PPC spend the same, can make you a lot of money!

    Defining negative keywords can be a long, slow arduous task. Either by guesswork or by trawling through loads of enquiry data, most businesses just do not have the time to search for irrelevant keywords and simply end up with a few negative words in their campaigns.

    We’ve personally fallen foul of not implementing negative keywords which is why we built a great solution to automate the whole negative keyword process. You can check it out at and also pick up our Free White Paper, Be Positive – Go Negative.

    Cheers, Steve


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