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Not Showing Actual Impressions, New Adwords Users Take Note!

Clicks, Impressions & CTR

New Google Adwords users sometimes are in a position where Adwords will tell you to bid higher so that your ads will show on Google search engine. Google Adwords may be showing you that you have 1000 impressions but it actual fact your ad impressions is only 20 to 30% of the actual impressions.

The main reason why this happens is that you are new to Google Adwords, and Google do not trust that you will give a good user experience to the Google search users, that is why they are testing you if your ads and landing page are relevant.

And worst of all, Google Adwords will actually ask you to increase your bid so that you will appear in the 1st page of the Google search result for the keyword you are bidding. Even if you increase your bid, the impression will increase slightly to more than 10 to 20% of the total impressions for the day, depending on how high your new bid is.

How is it that Google Adwords will show your ads 100% of the time?

To answer the above question, only quality score and click through rate (CTR) can get your ads to show 100% of the time. As you are new and have no quality score history, you will not be able to show your ads 100% of the time. In order to increase your CTR and quality score, you got to have compelling PPC ads that will get the attention of the searchers to click on your ads.

This will take time to show your ads 100% of the time. Work your way to increase your CTR and quality score history. This is a long term winning strategy with Google Adwords.

What about landing page?

Although landing page does affect a bit, but you can always try to improve your landing page quality score by being relevant to the the keyword and ad. Read more on Landing Page Secrets here.

Once you understand the above reason, and how CTR and quality score affects the ad impressions shown to the search users when you are a new Adwords user or new account, you will then focus to create a attention grabbing and compelling PPC ad to get a click. Only then will you be able to gain your CTR and quality score history, as this builds trust with Google Adwords with you. As long as we give relevant PPC ads and landing page, in the keyword we are bidding,  Google will reward you with high quality score.

What will be your strategy if you are in this situation as well, I like to hear from you. Be sure that I will be talking back to you. Use the comment below to share.

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