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Optimum PPC Ad Position

Ad position in PPC is very important, too high you over pay, too low few traffic coming to your website. This is where you need to find out the optimum PPC ad position for your PPC campaigns in your own niche.

Before we get started, I have a picture below showing a search results heat when someone searches online and where their eyes will land at. As you can see that it has the shape of triangle, where the top has the most heat and thus getting the most attention (traffic). Although this picture is used for SEO ranking purposes, it is works the same for PPC too, because PPC ads can be shown above the organic search result, depending on the Google and the number of PPC ads targeting the same keywords as

The picture above is telling you to position your ad high so you can have the most traffic, well the point of this post is to find your optimum PPC ad position for your campaign.Let us move on…

The heat is getting lesser and lesser as you scroll down, meaning lesser traffic. For the higher ranking positions, its called above the fold, the lower ranking positions is called below the fold. Above the fold is when someone searches for something online, it shows the search result, without scrolling, the search results that are shown are all above the fold. Below the fold search results are those that need to scroll down to find more.

With compelling ads, you can test the position of the ad to find out which has the best conversion result for your PPC campign. Different markets or niches have different results, you will need to test which is the optimum ad position for you. The ad position can be set by the bid price for the keyword or you set it as the preferred ad position that you want. I would recommend that you use the former, as this way you are only paying according to your position, as the bid price will usually be lower than the higher positions. Remember to use the same ad copy so that you can test your optimum ad position.

Another thing to note is that you might have a tight budget, and that the keywords that you are bidding for might be expensive, so be ready to add in more budget or you can always test on from 3rd to the last position, once you have enough budget then move on to be no 1 or 2 position. Who knows, that you might have gain great quality score because of the great CTR, and thus moving you up from no 3 to no1 or 2 position.

My recommendation is to test, test and test till you get the result. Of course testing will take time, so be ready to allocate the same amount of time to each of the ad positions to find out the best conversion result for your PPC ad position. Remember your job as an marketer is to find out the what your market wants and like, not to what you say it is.

Test this out, or if you have done so before, do share below. I like hear from you and find out your experience.

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