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Discover Cost-Effective PPC Strategies Directly From The Trenches

I’m using this email box (included in the Product Page Lead) to display a little information about the newsletter I run back at

As you can see, there’s plenty of room to write some good copy text, as well as display a downright gorgeous optin form to the right. What else is so great?

  • It’s beautiful on every screen size (try resizing your browser!)
  • Setting it up is easy, with perfect drag and drop integration
  • It’s customizable, with simple design options.

Not Switching Off Your Content Networks

Content networks in Adwords is a great way to get massive traffic in the fastest time, it is relatively cheaper then using the search networks. BUT they are not people who are looking for the services or products you are selling online.

I have done a major mistake of not switching off my content networks before (thank God it was once and only for a day), getting un-targeted impressions to the content networks are not really a good idea, if your PPC ads are not screaming at them to click on your ad. [click to continue…]

When Negative Keywords Can Do That Much, PPC Ads Can Help Filter As Well

Using Negative keywords are a great way to get rid of unwanted or non-targeted traffic coming to click on your PPC ads. But you always seem to attract clicks even through you have done your homework of generating a list of negative keywords for the campaign.

In Business, its always about sales and costs. If you can bring in more sales or lower the costs, then you will have a greater profit. That is the success in business, and it goes the same to Adwords as well. But how to generate targeted traffic and at the same time letting the un-targeted traffic not click on the PPC ads? [click to continue…]

Using PPC Search Engine Marketing To Increase SEO Ranking

Can using PPC marketing to increase SEO ranking? I must say that it can’t be done, as PPC does not affect any SEO ranking on your website. But PPC can help to find out the profitable keywords and you in turn focus on these keywords to rank better in terms of SEO.

Finding out from the keywords that converts in PPC and using it on your website as SEO is a smart way to get free traffic. This will help you focus on driving conversion traffic instead of those that does not convert is a much better and faster way to making money online. [click to continue…]

How Do We Know If The Ad Is a Broad Match?

Finding out if your competitors are using broad match keywords is quite easy. What you need to take note is the URL of your competitor’s first then key in a keyword phrase that is related to the competitor.

I have used an example of using “slim down fast diet” as a keyword phrase, note that I am using on the U.S search market. Right  is the ad which I saw and took as example:  [click to continue…]

What Is Default Bid On Adwords?

Default Bid for Adwords is the price which you are willing to pay in ad group level. For example, when you want to start a new ad group in a campaign, Adwords will always ask you to enter your default bid for your new ad group. This is because if you forget to add in bid price for a new keyword in the ad group, the default bid will come into play.

With the default bid running, you are sure to show your PPC ad for that particular keyword, unless it is below bid or you have paused the keyword. [click to continue…]