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Discover Cost-Effective PPC Strategies Directly From The Trenches

I’m using this email box (included in the Product Page Lead) to display a little information about the newsletter I run back at

As you can see, there’s plenty of room to write some good copy text, as well as display a downright gorgeous optin form to the right. What else is so great?

  • It’s beautiful on every screen size (try resizing your browser!)
  • Setting it up is easy, with perfect drag and drop integration
  • It’s customizable, with simple design options.

Do Search Users Trust PPC Ads?

The question above is also asking you, do you trust PPC ads when you search online? Most of the time people will not trust PPC ads. Actually around 12% will trust PPC ads, whereas the 88% trusts organic search results.

Great now! How can I still use PPC to drive traffic then, when its against me, PPC user?

Remember that PPC is Pay Per Click, not Pay Per Impression. So with reasonable ad positions and great PPC ad, you can always be certain that you will still get clicks to your web page. The minimum odds are at least 100 impressions to 1 click. That means 1% CTR for your ad and keyword. This is the minimum passing point for your keyword quality score. [click to continue…]

Targeting Long Tail Keywords In PPC

Long tail keywords when used in PPC is a very high conversion rate keywords to target in. Like what Chris Anderson who wrote this famous book “The Long Tail“, just recently last year Chris revised the book, improve it, and called it “The Longer Tail“.

What long tail keywords mean is words that people used to describe what they are looking for in search engines as well as offline. Long tail keywords are usually 3 words or more words in the search terms people used. They are very low search volume in the search engines. [click to continue…]

GEO Targeting Demystify

GEO Targeting also known as location targeting, is a way to target people in a specific location using Adwords PPC. This has since help a lot of Adwords users eased in getting targeted traffic, especially if they are offline business owners. It has made a huge difference in the Adwords users now.

What can GEO Targeting do for you?

GEO Targeting has two distinct advantages;

1) To show your PPC ads in certain location

2) To find out which location or counties or cities are looking for the products or services you are providing. [click to continue…]

Optimum PPC Ad Position

Ad position in PPC is very important, too high you over pay, too low few traffic coming to your website. This is where you need to find out the optimum PPC ad position for your PPC campaigns in your own niche.

Before we get started, I have a picture below showing a search results heat when someone searches online and where their eyes will land at. As you can see that it has the shape of triangle, where the top has the most heat and thus getting the most attention (traffic). Although this picture is used for SEO ranking purposes, it is works the same for PPC too, because PPC ads can be shown above the organic search result, depending on the Google and the number of PPC ads targeting the same keywords as you. [click to continue…]