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PPC Ad to Landing Page Linking Mistake

Now to you as someone who is searching online to find a product, you sees a PPC ad that looks like giving you what you want, you click on the ad, then you find nothing after clicking the link. Disappointed, so you left the to search for another product online. Back as a marketer yourself, did you make that mistake before, not checking the link on the PPC ads back to the landing page?

If you have made that mistake before, its okay. You are not the first and certainly not going to be the last for making that silly mistake. You got to correct this mistake fast, before it seriously affect your quality score and losing money because of the clicks.

Here’s what you should do to check for the landing page link is working. Once you have done up the landing page, give it a name to the file (preferable the keyword you are targeting), upload the page to your web hosting. I use Hostgator and Site5 for my all my web hosting, yes they are affiliate links, these two are the ones that I trusted.

With the URLs of the landing page, you will create a new ad in the new ad group. When you are done with writing your compelling PPC ads, you are to add in the landing page URLs to the destination URLs in the new ad created. After you are done, click save ad. Next click on the new ad you created at the top of your Google Adwords campaign.

Once you have click on the new ad link, it will bring you to the landing page you paste in the destination URL. If it does not show the landing page you are linking to, then you will have to check the destination URLs again,. Repeat what above what I said till you get the correct landing page.

Now you are ready to drive traffic to your landing page and make some profit.

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