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PPC And SEO: Match Made In Heaven

PPC and SEO are two separate strategies that uses the search engine results, but they are in a way great for complementing each other in the search engine. PPC and SEO are a match made in heaven.

As we know that SEO is a free organic search result for the search term you want to optimize in. The major problem is that it is not instant result like PPC. And as for PPC the main problem is that it is not free (pay per click), but instant result within minutes. Because each has a disadvantage that can only be complimented by each other, that is why when you use PPC, you should optimize in SEO as well.

Besides the reason above, as PPC will give you the raw data of a particular keyword, telling you if its profitable to optimize the particular keyword in SEO. A lot of PPC users do not realized how important this raw data can be to your online business. What this raw data that I am talking about is the impressions. It tells you whether are there people searching online for that search term. If the impressions in a month is more than 100 impressions, then all the more you should optimize in SEO.

Knowing that most of the search users do not trust PPC ads, as its just like the advertisement you see on the T.V or when you are shopping in a mall. You can ask yourself this question too, “Do you trust or even take note of the ads you see everywhere?” I can say that most of the time is yes, maybe like 95% of the time.

With the above two points, all the more you should optimize your website in SEO.

Another important point is that, sometime you are not able to optimize your web page to at least page one of the desired keyword. With your compitetitors having thousands of pages, having great page rank and good link back to that particular web page, you will almost not able to make it to page one of the search engine result. How can you be able to position yourself in page one then?

The answer is through PPC ads. With strong competitors in page one or even page two of search engine result, only through using PPC will you be able to reach your target audiences in the first page.

With so much advantages in using both PPC and SEO strategies, there seem no reason not to use both of them for your online business. What say you about this post. Do you use them for driving traffic?

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