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PPC Can Only Help You That Much!

PPC (Pay Per Click) primary job is to bring targeted traffic to your website, a traffic driven tool that is fast and targeted. What most Internet marketers wish for when the Internet first began back in the 1990s. But without a plan, PPC can only do that much for you and I.

That is when I realised that PPC is like the newspaper ad, but much better. Advertising your product or services to people when they see the ad (this is called impression in PPC term). Whether they take action or not, will depend on how compelling the ads are in showing the benefits, and a call to action too.

It is after when your targeted audience saw your action, click your ad to find out more, and now they are interested or want to buy from you, what do you do?

Do you have a plan in what your sales or lead process will be?

If the answer to the above are “NO”, then you would have wasted PPC click that you just paid to Google or Yahoo or MSN. With out a detailed plan to define what are you going to do with the interested audience, your online business is near to failure.

There is a hope for you, by planning what you want to do with them. How?

There are basically 2 ways for you to profit in using PPC, one is to lead capture their details like name, email or even mobile or fax. The other way is to send them directly to what you are promoting or selling online, from there the audience will decide to go ahead to buy or not to buy from you or the merchant.

1. Send targeted audience directly to merchant: This tactic is not that great, but it still works if you know the buying keywords that they are searching online. This already help you win half the battle. The process is simple, set a PPC campign that has buying keywords, follow by a writing a compelling PPC ad, and lastly with a landing page that pre-sell them the benefits of the product or services they want.

And lastly a eye catching click here button which they can’t miss, that will direct them to the merchant with your affiliate link. This is very easy to setup and it does not cost much for having a hosting and domain name purchase. It will cost you as low as USD $10 a month to setup a online business.

2. Capture the lead, to educate them. Yes the targeted audience have to be educated in order for them to reach a decision to buy from you. You can set a series of emails using auto-responder which will educate them on the product or services.

This is the preferred choice for most marketers. Here are the 3 main reasons why we love to use this strategy:

a) We already pay for them to our site, we must make them come back for more….

b) Relationship building: This is what most marketers lack of when they do not communicate with their clients.

c) Upsell: When you have done the first 2 reason above, you will find that it will be easy for you to upsell them to other related products.

With  a written marketing plan and sales funnel, you will find that profit is on its way to you. When you fail to plan, you are actually planning to fail. Which of the two strategy suits you the best? As yourself, and write it down what you want. Share with me using the comment what you plan to do. I will be listening.

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