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PPC Consultants: How To Know If They Are Experts

There are a lot of PPC consultants out there with Adwords Qualified Professionals, or Yahoo PPC Qualified Consultant, but most of them have not use PPC to generate income for themselves yet. They are just like stock brokers who are trying to sell you stocks, yet they have not invest in it yet.

That is a very sad thing, and of course there are real PPC consultants who knows what they are doing, and will help you in driving targeted traffic, and at the same time lowering your PPC cost.

The question now is, how do you find these PPC consultants who are experts and can help you drive targeted traffic, making you money in the end?

1) Ask them if they have been making money using PPC to drive traffic to their websites?

I must say that this is going to be quite hard, getting them to show you their money making niches or markets. Who would let someone find out what their profit making niches are? To tell the truth, I would not even tell you my niche let along the PPC consultants.

BUT what you can do is to to get them to show you the total amount they have actually pay in Adwords PPC, or other PPC platforms. The amount will show you their experience in using PPC as a traffic tool to their websites. I would recommend that the PPC consultant has at least $2000 spending in their PPC. This would be a normal range to gauge them.

2) Past Clientele Of PPC Consultant

Besides having the Adwords Qualified Professionals, the consultants would have some past or current clients who engaged in their PPC services before. Finding out from them, how are the consultants doing, how much profit has the clients made since they use the PPC services, etc…

This is a great way to find out. Having some social proof will set your mind at ease.

3) Traffic Or Leads?

Someone who would engage a PPC consultant would usually come from a middle or large enterprise company. They would sometimes want to capture leads instead of just getting traffic to their websites.

This is where the consultant, will share with you on creating a specific landing page for your company product or service, plus using a form to lead capture or even get the targeted audience to call your company. They would have to advise you (company) on getting the best structure of getting sales for your company.

From there onwards, monitor your sales compare to the previous month where the PPC service was not engage. If there is an increase in sales of 10 to 15% from the online, then the consultants know what they are doing.

If you are looking for a PPC consultant, be sure to find out from them the above 3 things, before you engage them.

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