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Profiting From Local Business Using PPC

Local business has been a long forgotten area in Internet marketing, but is now currently a hot topic that has been making a lot of people some money, some has made over $10,000. I have a friend who made $100,000 a month with 20 businesses. One of the businesses is making him an average of $10,000 per month.

I must say that using PPC to reach your local business is one of the easiest way to make money online, and most of the local business owners do not know how to use PPC properly and not engage in a PPC consultant to help them get the most out of PPC. This is good news for us who have been using PPC to make money.Local Business PPC

How to get most profit out of Local Business?

Landing Page: This is one of the essential part of the local business. You can read 9 Landing Page secrets that will make you money for more info. 1 important thing I like to add in the landing page is a phone number. Why a phone number? Some people may need your service urgently, so a phone number is a great way to let them reach you.

I would recommend having the phone number on the top right of the landing page, together with the header.

Autoresponder. I would recommend using Aweber to capture leads, the lead capture should be on the right side of the landing page, just below the phone number. Aweber is able to create opt in forms easily and you can add in more details besides the name and email address.

I would recommend adding a phone number detail and additional information from the customer to you.

Calling Customers. After you have their details, you are to call them to make the first contact. I have found out that if you want to increase the chances of closing the deal, calling them is the best way. I would usually call them during lunch time and after 6pm, these are the times they are most properly not working and are more receptive to your calls.

Another thing to add is that in the beginning of your local business, you may not be able to close so easily, because you have not work on this area before. This is okay, because it took me a month later to close my first sale. But what you need to learn is to note the way you communicate with them on the phone or on email. Always be flexible to change and ready to make fast decisions that will make your local business profitable.

Upselling to your list. You have a list of names that are targeted to your business services or products. You know what they are looking for, and this is a great advantage for you who has their names, emails and phone number. Selling them some services or products that are related or relevant to your products or services. This is where you can earn even more from your local business.

In this area, you will need to constantly email them of your local business news, new products, etc… Get them to expect your emails. This is not email spamming, you will need to send good helpful emails to them, that will help them in some benefits.

Using this simple system, you will find that your local business will thrive while others will suffer because you are using PPC. Local business is the way now and will continue to be part of making money online.

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