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Split Testing Your Adwords Ads To Improve Your PPCl

Your Adwords ads are the one that will lead to an interest to what you are offering on the search engine result. In order to find out what your target audience is looking for, you have to spit test your PPC ad.

Here is how you can do spit testing to find out the best ad that will convert the highest click:

First you start by writing two different ads for your ad group. A slight variation will do, even if its only one word difference, it can do wonders. So go ahead and write your two ads now.

Adding New Adwords AdsSecondly, usually when you start a new ad group, Adwords will always tell you to write an ad for the ad group. What you need to do now is to add in a new ad in your ad group. Go to the ad group you want to add new ad, then click on ‘Ads’ tap, click ‘New ad’ and select ‘Text ad’.

After which should be easy for you to do. Now place the new ad which you have written and replace the one that is in the space. Sometimes the only difference is a word only, so you may just change a word only. After you are done click save.

It will take 15 minutes for the ad to show. I have a rule of thumb for testing and I think that it is quite a good gauge as well. Always set your testing time to 2 weeks at least. This way you will be able to see the result more clearly.

One time to note as well, is to set your ads to rotate evenly. Adwords will show this message : Your ads may not perform as well with standard rotation. Optimized ad rotation is recommended for most advertisers. If you want to find out the best ad that will attract clicks, you got to choose ‘Rotate: Show Ads more evenly’.

Ad Rotation

Wait for 2 weeks to see the result. Do not amend anything during these two weeks, when you make a small little change to the ad, with only a full stop, everything will be reset to zero for that ad, you will have to wait for another 2 weeks to study the result. By the way, when you start this split testing for your ads, you need to reset the old ad too, as it contains the previous result. So it will not be fair for the new ad, and most importantly you will not be able to find out the real winner, because the old ad will most properly win.

After two weeks, you can clearly see a ad winner between the two ads. How you can find out which is the winner, is by looking at the the percentage of the Click Through Rate (CTR) of each ads, and the number of clicks. Do this every two weeks, and you will find that your quality score for the whole campaign will improve. I would recommend you use Split Tester to find out which is the winning ad.Good Click Through Rates AdsTake Home Tip

In everything that you do for PPC, you must always test the PPC ads to find out which is the best converting ads. You will never know if you do not test. This way you will be able to give to what the market want and not to what you think they want. Do you have anything that I have miss out? I like to hear from you.

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