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Targeting Long Tail Keywords In PPC

Long tail keywords when used in PPC is a very high conversion rate keywords to target in. Like what Chris Anderson who wrote this famous book “The Long Tail“, just recently last year Chris revised the book, improve it, and called it “The Longer Tail“.

What long tail keywords mean is words that people used to describe what they are looking for in search engines as well as offline. Long tail keywords are usually 3 words or more words in the search terms people used. They are very low search volume in the search engines.

A very good example of a long tail keyword is you want to search for a Sony camera, and you have the model number for it, so you will type in the brand name and model number of the camera. This is what I mean by long tail keywords.

Long Tail Keywords have High Conversion Rates

Although it has low in search, but strangely enough it has a very high conversion rate compare to the short keywords. The main reason is that people who knows what they are searching for has a deeper interest or knowledge, and even knows the technical terms of the product or services. This is already telling you, that this is a very high conversion rate customer.

Take a look at the picture below, it tells you how people search online and offline.


The area in red are where the high search volume is, the keywords are usually one or two keywords the most. Making it very general to everyone. When they search for general terms like dog food, the search engines like Google will return the search quiries to you as general too. But when someone types in ‘dog food for chiwawa puppies’, it goes deeper than the general terms out there.

Some things you need to know about Long Tail Keywords in Adwords

In my previous post “Low search volume in your Adwords campaign“, I stated that my exact keywords were not activated, due to the low in search volume, it will not be activated even if you place your bid very high.

So the solution to that for PPC is to broaden the keywords. Let’s take for example you are still targeting ‘dog food for chiwawa puppies’. but it will not show due to low search volume. Now you need to broaden the search terms instead, by targeting ‘dog food for puppies’ or ‘dog food for chiwawa’. Remember in the adgroup, add in negative keywords of other type of dogs, so that your ad will appear more targeted to the searcher.

Another thing to add is to place the missing keyword like ‘chiwawa’ or ‘puppies’ in the ads, so that it will increase your ad relevance and quality score of the keywords.

Take Home Knowledge

Do your best to make your converting long tail keywords appear in the search engine of Google. There is always a way to use the system that Google Adwords set up for us. And by the way, you might want to purchase ‘The long Tail by Chris Anderson‘, it will be a great read for you to understand about humans and marketing.

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