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Testing Untapped Niches With Adwords

Sad Face When Not Making Money

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Have you ever been in a new untapped niche which you think is going to be profitable, but after you have fully enter into the niche, using all sorts of skills like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, lead capture, article marketing, video marketing, etc… You found that its not making you money, what went wrong?

It is because you did not test the market before going in full force. In marketing, it is wise to always test the market first.

Since the start of PPC on the internet, it has change how marketers market to their customers. Besides driving traffic to your web pages, you can also use PPC to test if the market is profitable before you go in full force. Here is how you can test the market:

First, do your keyword research on the niche you want to be in. I would suggest that you have 10 ad groups that have phrase and exact match keywords, total keywords in one ad group is 10.

Second, is to choose a product to promote. For beginners its better that you have some knowledge of the product which you are promoting, so that you can write your ads and landing page with better conviction.

Third, place your PPC ads blow the fold, place it between 7 to 9 position. This way you will not lightly incur any clicks, but at the same time find out if there are real impressions of people searching for your product online.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE! This way I am not going to get any traffic from the PPC then?

Yes, most likely! This exercise is to test the raw data impression in terms of keywords used in the search engine. Google can always give you the estimate traffic using the Free Adwords Keyword Tool, but they are not in raw data, its an estimation only.

So that is why its so important to use Adwords to test the market you want to go into. You can also choose to go in above the fold positions if you want, for example in the third position. Remember this exercise is to test the market within a time flame, you choose the time flame you want to test this market. I would recommend to use the one week time flame to test it out for optimum results.

Always remember if you do not want to make a loss in you online business, you have to test it first. And Adwords PPC (other PPC like Yahoo and MSN is fine) is the best tool to test it, this will help you understand more on the niche. Do you have any other way to test the market that involves very little cost and precise in the data result? If you have any I like to hear from you. Or if you have any questions regarding testing untapped niches using Adwords, do use the comment below, I will reply to you shortly.

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