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Utilize Ad Preview Tool In Your Adwords Ads

Ad preview tool is a great tool that will help in finding out the ad positions of your Adwords ads and at the same time monitoring the other PPC ads in your niche.

There are two places you can use the Ad Preview Tool, one is in your Adwords account, go to ‘Opportunities’ tap, under the tools section (left side of the screen) you will find ‘Ad Preview Tool’. The other can be found when you search for “ad preview tool” in Google. I have written a post on “Don’t put too much trust in Google Adwords Tools“, which will interest you in my discovery about Google, and its very helpful to you to find out your true stats in Google PPC too.

Below is a video I found in YouTube, which explains how Ad Preview Tool is used.

Ad Preview Tool Function

Ad preview tool will help you to find out the ad position you are in a particular country. Using it will not cause any impression to be recorded in the Google search engine results, thus lowering in CTR. That was the main function of the Ad Preview Tool.

Now, it can be used to find out other PPC ads in other countries.

I used it to check out on my competitors as well, be it in local or other countries. The second reason that I used it, is to get inspiration on writing ad copy.

Although the PPC ad is 25 characters for the title, and 35 characters for both description line, its rather short ad to attract clicks. But when it comes to a new niche or I ran out of ideas to write, I will always use the Ad Preview Tool to find out the good ads that attracted my attention, especially the niche I am in, or I will be in soon.

I will change a word or so (sometimes I will just swipe it, and paste it into my Adwords ads) to test the CTR of this ad. “Then there will be two identical ads already?” You might ask. If the ad which I just swiped is targeting the whole world, then I will change a word or two in my ad copy. If they are only targeting at a specific country that is different from mine, then I can  swipe it all into my ad copy.

The other thing which I found out is that Ad Preview Tool helps to find out the PPC ads in coordinates. This is very very drill down. This is very good for big countries like America, China, etc.. If you only have a local services, serving only in that particular area, you will be able to see your ads shown there.

I have continue to use Ad Preview tool, just that I do not sign in to any Google account when I do that. As I find that it gives me a more accurate result this way. Besides the three I talked about above, what do you use Ad Preview Tool for? Share with us on the comment below.

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