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When To Create a New Adwords Account?

Here are some of the reason why and when you should create a new Google Adwords account:

Reason 1: Too many Campaigns that you needed a new account for new project using PPC to drive traffic to your website.You have a lot of affiliate products to promote and earning you profit. So once you hit 25 campaigns, you will have to create a new account for the new affiliate products, when you reach this level, it means you are doing very well in online marketing.

NOTE; Do not get into too many affiliate products to promote at first, instead go slow one by one, staring with one that you are familiar with. Then promote related product or services, this way you are able to optimized from the lists you have build from the previous projects.

Reason 2: Target different countries also known as GEO Targeting. Due to the different natural of people’s search term. You would want to separate them up, so that you can get the most targeted audience to your landing page.

Something that most PPC marketers do not know is that if you target to a specific country or state, you will find that most of the competition are not there, you can easily dominate from there onwards. And this will also give you a cutting edge information about the people in that area. For example, if there is a festival event which is related to your products or services, you can write ads to that group, thus having high CTR and sales too.

GEO targeting can help influence quality score, because you are only looking into that particular group of people only.

Reason 3: You are a PPC marketing consultant, so it’s best if you can set up different account for different clients, so you will not mix up or worst let your other clients see your other client’s PPC campaign.

This is one of the PPC mistakes you would not want to make if you are a professional PPC consultant, your client might think that “If you can let me see your other client’s PPC account, then I would be the same when this happens too.” So be careful.

Reason 4: Bad result, bad quality score history. This is a very good reason to start a new account all over, as Google Adwords stored the history you done in that particular account.

It’s like not having great result when you are schooling, and it follows you till you are adult. One good thing is that Google Adwords only remember the history of one account, as long as the new account has good to great quality score history, your new campaign will get good treatment as long as you can generate good CTR.

Reason 5: Different currency for Adwords for your PPC clients. As PPC is not just on a targeted area, but it can be done globally even if your client is in Australia, and you are in United States.

This is more for PPC consultants. As they may want to GEO target their country only, that is why you have to set up new account for different clients especially if they are in different countries, as they would prefer to pay using their own currency. By the way, once you have set the currency for that new Adwords account, it cannot be change anymore.

I have listed the above 5 reasons that you will need to create a new Adwords account.There may be other reasons that you might want to create a new Adwords account. Remember that a new account will mean that you have not history with Google, so your quality score history is not build yet. Next post I will share on how to build great quality score history with Google Adwords.

Do you have any other reason or you have questions you like to ask, feel free to use the comment below and I will answer your question soon.

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